Watch Us Farm

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Our Mission 

Watch Us Farm represents a simple idea:  to provide adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn, work, and thrive in a jobs program on a farm.


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Watch Us Farm, Inc. is a private non-profit organization providing adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities the opportunity to learn, work, and thrive in a jobs training program on a farm. Here, adults with autism, brain injury, and intellectual impairment are successfully gardening, weaving, cooking, and assembling electrical components in a secure and nurturing environment, marketing and selling beautifully handcrafted items, and providing service back to our community.  We partner with manufacturers who outsource jobs that can be taught then performed repetitively with high quality.  We maintain public hours for visitors, school field trips, and festivals and we sell our fresh organic produce at farm stands and local farmers markets. Long term, we recognize the need to create self-sustaining communities with jobs, housing, and social engagement for these too often forgotten adults.  Watch Us Farm strongly believes in cultivating and demonstrating a culture of hands-on learning and engagement for Adults with Special Needs.