Building Community, Creating Jobs,
Learning Real Skills, and Having Fun

At Watch Us Farm, we’re helping high functioning adults with special needs develop practical skills, do real jobs, and find fulfillment.

Once a young adult with special needs ages out of the school system, they lose much of their social support system.

Often parents or families are unable to create meaningful social and professional opportunities for their adult children, especially for the long term.

These special people often feel unwanted, useless, and unworthy.

But that’s so far from the truth!

Who We Are

Watch Us Farm is a fully functional farm with heritage livestock including cattle, hogs, and chickens, as well as organic crops and soon, a greenhouse.  Our team of volunteers as well as adults with all types of different needs do outdoor farm and indoor skilled trade work.
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We also do jobs in our community to showcase the important job skills our adults have learned.
WUF workers cutting wood
WUF workers by cow pasture
WUF Workers group picture

We all have a family member or know someone with special needs. 

These individuals deserve to have the same opportunities as everyone else.  

It is our dream to become part of a community where people with intellectual or developmental disabilities can do jobs based on their abilities and feel a sense of fulfillment in their lives.

If you know someone who would like to come see the farm, or someone who would like to volunteer at the farm, please let us know!

Providing Jobs & Improving the Quality of the Life for Individuals with Special Needs.

After working with individuals with disabilities and their families for over 30 years, raising a child with special needs, and teaching strategies for success around the world, we found a way to provide jobs to improve the quality of the lives of individuals with special needs.


We’ve created Watch Us Farm, where adults with special needs can learn, gain valuable job skills, work, and build community.


Community-based farm models are already being used to successfully provide jobs all over the world and we’re already seeing this same success here.

+30 years of Experience

Global Exposure

Trade Education

Community Benefits

"What It Means to Work Here" - Zach

"What I Learned as a Leader" - Noah

 Do you know someone who would benefit
by joining us at the Farm?

1. Let Us Know - Contact us either by phone or online

2. Tour the Farm - Gives us a chance to meet you and show you the Farm

3. Find Fulfillment – We work hard, but we have lots of fun!

Don’t let another day go by in which a person you know
with special needs feels unsatisfied, bored, or unwanted.

WUF workers in Kitchen

Give everyone with special needs the opportunity to reach their potential.

We’ve helped many individuals with disabilities learn new skills, build social skills, and find fulfillment.  

Everyone wants to earn a paycheck for a job well done, talk with family and friends about what we do during our days, build friendships, and become more independent.


We can’t wait to meet you and people with special needs in your lives.  Call or contact us today and we’ll set up a personal tour for you.

We can't wait to meet you. Come join us at the Farm.