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2020 Recap!

In 2020 the world seemed to be “falling apart” but at Watch Us Farm everything was “falling together”! 2020 proved in many ways to be a good year for our goals.

In 2020 we were considered an essential business. This enabled us to keep our doors open. It slowed our growth but this was a blessing in disguise. It gave us the time to further develop the details of our structure. We have established more defined strategic plans, job descriptions, and financial goals.

In 2020 we continue to provide our services and products to our community and were able to introduce new ones! We became a public presence at local Farmers Markets. This enabled us to make valuable connections. One was with the Lions Club. Together, by complying with the Covid-19 health regulations, we were able to host our annual Fall Festival. This brought such joy, excitement, and hope to families with special needs since many have had a greater struggle with isolation due to Covid-19. The Festival was also attended by some government officials enabling them to become more aware of the needs of this often forgotten segment of their community.

In 2020 we were able to take steps in developing new departments. Our Greeting Card Department started by producing beautiful holiday cards. This has exploded into the production of a variety of greeting cards. Some are being sold in local shops while others are special ordered, custom pieces. We have also introduced our Car Detailing Department. Adults with special needs who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD, want things to be perfect. With guidance and training, who would be better at detailing your car?!

in 2020 a greenhouse was donated to us and in 2021 we will see it erected. This will extend our growing season, increase our space for a greater variety of produce, increase training, job skills, and services to our community. It will also present opportunities to assist our schools in educating children about how and where our food comes from, the science involved, as well as a chance to visit a real farm. This will also give us the ability to offer organic, locally grown produce to area markets and restaurants. A future dream is to have a restaurant right on our campus! All of this maintained by our adults with special needs working with pride and excellence!

Yes, 2020 was a year filled with unwelcomed change and challenges but also abundant blessings with will help us grow in 2021!

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