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Farming isHard Work!!!

Farming is hard work! Back-breaking work. Sweaty, stinky, dirty work. You definitely go to bed sore and wake up achy. And at this point, we are farming less than an acre of land.

Why do we bother? 

Because there are SO MANY teens and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities who have a lot of time on their hands, and a desperate desire to work. Once school is out for the summer or for good, these citizens have a lifetime ahead of them that they want to fill with something besides playing X-Box, watching TV or hanging out with their parents all day. Not to mention the fact that one day, those parents will no longer be able to care for them...

This is why we launched Watch Us Farm. We are not trying to compete with any other organizations. We are simply trying to create paid work for a group of people whose potential is often wasted, once they are out of the school system.

We have only just begun. We have such big plans.

But we're trying to grow Watch us Farm in a wise way. We are not rushing to till more land before we have the staff and means to care for it. We haven't rushed to buy machinery or tools, until we are 100% certain that we will use these investments in a way that justifies their cost. We are learning how to break each task down so that our adults can be successful. Some of adults will likely move on to different jobs in our community as we learn more about their abilities. We are developing plans for a vocational arm of this program as we expand and funding becomes available.