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During to the coronavirus shutdown, we have not had adults with special needs working with us, instead we and volunteers have taken down the greenhouse on 146th Street and 421 in Zionsville that had been donated to our non-profit organization and we have transported the parts and the foundation pavers to Watch Us Farm!

Next, we’ll rebuild the greenhouse and begin year-round gardening.

Imagine how many jobs the greenhouse will allow us to provide once we get back up and running!

Land Acquisition

Our dream is to meet the needs of many more adults with special needs, but there is only so much we can accommodate for on our small farm. 

We are actively looking for land for a permanent farm campus and extended jobs training program.

Offsite Work

We are slowly working with the manufacturing industry.  We need partners that are looking for adults that love repetition and will do things to the highest standards. 

Do to the virus and the uncertainty we have not put together teams that move off-site.  We will be re-evaluating this once the quarantines are lifted. We value all of our team members and safety and health are always the start of every job.

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